Senior Researcher

DENEUBOURG Jean-Louis (2004-2016) | webpage 1 ; webpage 2

Post Doctoral Researcher

CAMPO Alexandre | webpage

COLLIGNON Bertrand (Chargé de Recherche – FNRS) | webpage

NICOLIS Stamatios C | webpage

PERNA Andrea | webpage

TOFFIN Etienne | webpage

PhD Researchers

AME Jean-Marc (co-tutelle Université de Rennes – ULB) – 2006 | Current position: Actor, director, sound & music creator

“Experimental study and modelization of collective choices in gregarious insects” (French)

Supervisors: DENEUBOURG J-L, RIVAULT Colette

ASTUDILLO FERNANDEZ Aina (ULB) – 2011 | webpage

“Influence of the Allee effect and collective behavior on population dynamics. The case of the two spotted spider mite”

Supervisor: DENEUBOURG J-L


BLANCHARD Solène (co-tutelle Université de Liège – ULB) – 2020

“The complex impact of temperature and carbon dioxide concentration on a multitrophic interaction involving aphids”

Supervisors: DETRAIN Claire (ULB), VERHEGGEN François (ULiège)

BLES Olivier (FRIA) | webpage

BOLOGNA Audrey (ULB) – 2017 | Current position: Independent hydrologist

“Impact of spatio-temporal availability of myrmecochorous seeds on the dispersal activity of Myrmica rubra ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)”

Supervisor: DETRAIN C

BOULAY Julien (ULB) – 2015 | Current position: Studies ingeneer (ApsideTOP, France) ; DSN Analyst ; (Harmonie Mutuelle, France)

“Study of the aggregation behavior of the Diptera necrophagous larvae: from the individual to the collective”

Supervisor: DENEUBOURG J-L

BRIARD Léa (ULB) – 2015

“Study of decision-making processes during collective movements in domestic horses (Equus ferus caballus)”

Supervisor: DENEUBOURG J-L

BROLY Pierre (ULB) – 2015 | Current position: Recruitment consultant (Kelly Services France)

“Mechanisms and functions of aggregation in terrestrial isopods”

Supervisor: DENEUBOURG J-L

BUFFIN Aurélie (ULB) – 2011 | webpage

“Food flow and stock management in ant colonies”

Supervisor: DENEUBOURG J-L

CALENBUHR Volker (ULB) – 1992

“Collective behavior in social and gregarious insects: chemical communication and self-organization”

Supervisor: DENEUBOURG J-L

CAMPO Alexandre (ULB) – 2011 | webpage

“On the Design of Self-Organized Decision Making in Robot Swarms”

Supervisors: DORIGO Marco (Sciences Appliquées), DENEUBOURG J-L

CANONGE Stéphane (ULB) – 2011 | webpage

“From the individual to the collective: Dynamics of aggregation and collective choices in a gregarious arthropod, the cockroach Periplaneta americana

Supervisor: DENEUBOURG J-L

CHRETIEN Léticia (ULB) – 1996

“Spatial organization of nest excavation material in Messor barbarus and of workers corpses in Lasius niger (Hymenopterae: Formicidae)” (French)

Supervisor: DENEUBOURG J-L

CLOTUCHE Gwendoline (ULB) – 2011 | webpage

“The silk as a thread to understand social behaviors in the weaving mite Tetranychus urticae

Supervisors: DETRAIN C, HANCE T

COLLIGNON Bertrand (ULB) – 2012

“Recruitment of groups and role of leaders in ant Tetramorium caespitum: theoretical and experimental approach”

Supervisor: DETRAIN C

DEPICKERE Stéphanie (co-tutelle Paris XIII – ULB) – 2003

“Study of agregation’s dynamics and mechanisms in ants societies, especially in Lasius niger” (French)

Supervisors: DENEUBOURG J-L, FRESNEAU Dominique

DEVIGNE Cédric (ULB) – 2003 | Current position: Teacher-Researcher, HDR, FGES Masers at Catholic University of Lille

“Influence of distance and area marking on food recruitment in the ant Lasius niger” (French)

Supervisor: DETRAIN Claire

DIEZ Lise (ULB) – 2012 | Current position: Shiatsu practitionner

“Issues and mechanisms of prophylactic behavior: the rejection of cadavers in the ant Myrmica rubra”

Supervisor: DETRAIN C

DUSSUTOUR Audrey (UPS) – 2003 | webpage 1 ; webpage 2 ; webpage 3

“Spatiotemporal organization of collective movements in ants” (French)


GARDIN Pauline (ULB – UCL) | webpage

HEREDIA Ana (ULB) – 2002 | Current position: Orcid, Brazil

“Polyethism and collective response during seed retrieval territory defense in the polymorphic ant  Messor barbarus (Hymenoptera Formicidae)” (French)

Supervisors: DETRAIN Claire, PASTEELS Jacques

JEANSON Raphaël (UPS) – 2003 | webpage

“Agregation dynamics and collective decision making in arthropods” (French)


LAURENT Michel Olivier (ULB) – 2015 | Current position: Publication Writer at Modis

“Collective behavior under aggregation site disturbance: The case of Periplaneta americana

LECLERC Jean-Baptiste (ULB) – 2017

“Impact of spatio-temporal availability and attractiveness of myrmecochoric seeds on dispersant activity of Ant Myrmica rubra

LEHUE Marine (ULB) – 2019

“Role and plasticity of the interface between the nest and the environment in the Ant Myrmica rubra

LIONI Arnaud (ULB) – 2000 | Current position: Independent in alternative medicine

“Self-assembly and collective transport in Oecophylla” (French)

Supervisor: DENEUBOURG J-L

MAILLEUX Anne-Catherine (ULB) – 2002 | webpage

“Behavioral rules underlying food strategies in Lasius niger” (French)

Supervisors: DENEUBOURG J-L, DETRAIN Claire

MEUNIER Hélène (co-tutelle ULP, Strasbourg – ULB) – 2007

“Study of underlying mechanisms of collective phenomena in non-human primaty (Cebus capucinus): from experiments to modelization” (French)

Supervisors: DENEUBOURG J-L, PETIT Odile.

MICHELENA Pablo (Université de Toulouse) – 2006

“Spatiotemporal organisation of ungulates’ groups: an experimental study of sex segregation in merinos sheep (Ovis aries)” (French)

Supervisors: DENEUBOURG J-L, BON Richard

MILLOR Jésus (ULB) – 2000 | Current position: Teacher at the European School of Ixelles (Brussels, Belgium)

“Theoretical and experimental study of defensive behavior in honeybees (Apis mellifera)” (French)

Supervisor: DENEUBOURG J-L

NICOLIS Stamatios (ULB) – 2003 | webpage

“Food recruitment and aggregation dynamics in social insects” (French)

Supervisor: DENEUBOURG J-L

PEREIRA Hugo (ULB) – 2021

“Risques sanitaires et exploitation des ressources alimentaires chez la fourmi Myrmica rubra” (French)

Supervisor : DETRAIN Claire

PLANAS – SITJA Isaac (ULB) – 2017 | webpage

PORTHA Stéphane (ULB) – 2004

“Individual and collective decisions during food recruitment in the ant Lasius niger: influence of food nature and brood” (French)

Supervisors: DENEUBOURG J-L, DETRAIN Claire

RAMINEZ AVILA Gonzalo Marcelo (ULB) – 2004

“Synchronization phenomena in light-controlled oscillators”


RASSE Philippe (ULB) – 1999 | webpage

“Study of size regulation and nest’s structuration in the ant Lasius niger” (French)

Supervisor: DENEUBOURG J-L

ROBERT Marianne (ULB) – 2012 | Current position: Works in UK

“The behavior of tropical tunas around floating objects: From the study of individual and collective behaviors to the study of the ecological trap”

Supervisor: DENEUBOURG J-L

SAFFRE Fabrice (ULB) – 2000 | Current position: Works in Finland

“Dynamics and mechanisms of swarming in social spider (Anelosimus eximius)” (French)


SAUWENS Christian (ULB) – 2000

“Study of self-assembly dynamics in several ant species” (French)

Supervisor: DENEUBOURG J-L

SEMPO Grégory (ULB) – 2004 | webpage

“Division of labour for internal tasks in nest and spatial distribution of castes in the dimorphic ant Pheidole pallidly” (French)

Supervisor: DETRAIN Claire

SERVIGNE Pablo (ULB) – 2008 | webpage

“Experimental and comparative study of myrmechocory: the case of sud dispersing ants Lasius niger et Myrmica rubra” (French)

Supervisor: DETRAIN Claire

SUEUR Cédric (co-tutelle Université de Strasbourg – ULB) – 2008 | webpage

“Comparative study of social relationships influence and collective movements in two macaques species (Macaca tonkeana, M. mulatta)” (French)

Supervisors: DENEUBOURG J-L, PETIT Odile

TOFFIN Etienne (ULB) – 2010 | webpage

“Nest morphogenesis in ants: experimental and theoretical study in ant Lasius niger” (French)

Supervisor: DENEUBOURG Jean-Louis

VAES Oscar (ULB) – 2023 | webpage

“Caractérisation et valeur fonctionnelle des niveaux d’activité au sein de la fourmilière de l’espèce Myrmica rubra” (French)

Supervisor: DETRAIN Claire

VAN DAMME Thierry (ULB) – 1998

“Modelization and experimental study of nest building and transportation in ants” (French)

Supervisor: DENEUBOURG J-L


“Collective decision at Physarum” (French)

Supervisor: DENEUBOURG J-L

Master Students   

BLES Olivier (2012-2013 – Université de Strasbourg)

BOHELY Thibault (2014-2015 – Université de Strasbourg)

BONNEC Julien (2007-2008 )

BRUNET Charlotte (2014-2015 – ULB)

BUFFIN Aurélie (2006-2007)

CALVO MARTIN Mariano (2014-2015 – ULB)

CERVANTEZ Luz (2009-2010 – Département de Biologie des Organismes ULB)

CLAESSENS Alice (2014-2015 – ULB)

CLAUSS Ysaline (2021-2022 – ULB)

CLUYTENS Benjamin (2009-2010 – Département de Biologie des Organismes ULB)

COEUGNIET Louis (2022-2023 – Département de Biologie des Organismes ULB)

COQUET Anaïs (2008-2009 – Université de Strasbourg)

CRABEELS Aurore (2011-2012 – Biologie ULB)

DE BRAEKELEER Aurore (2014-2015 – ULB)


DECKERS Jente (2020-2021 – VUB & ULB)


DEWEVER Lina (2008-2009 – VUB)

DUBECQ Lionel (2011-2012 – Bioinformatique et modélisation ULB)

EUGÉNIE Pauline (2021 – Université de Toulouse III, Stagiaire ULB)

FACK Vinciane (2011-2012 – Biologie ULB)

FOURNEL Virginie (2006-2007)


GALLIOLO Elena  (2017-2018 –  Traineeship University of Parma (Italy) – Erasmus + grant)

GASPARD France (2018-2019)

GHYSSENS Quentin (2006-2007)

GIBON Céline (2007-2008)

GUIET A. (2009 – ULB)

HANSE Robin (2013-2014 – ULB)

HERTER Hugo (2009-2010 – Bioinformatique ULB)

HOEBEKE Lucie (2009-2010 – Département de Biologie des Organismes ULB)

JULIE Pierre (2011-2012 – Stagiaire Université de Toulouse)

JOSSART Margaux (2017-2018 – ULB)

KINDEKENS Jonathan (2006-2007)

KIRIDIS S. (2006 – ULB)

KOSTET Hanan (2009-2010 – Sciences Appliquées ULB)

LE BORGNE Hélène (2009-2010 – Université de Strasbourg)

LE POLAIN Marie (2007-2008)

LISART Léon (2021-2022 – ULB)

LOPEZ VIGNOTE Andrea (ULB & ULiège – 02/01/2022 to 06/30/2022)

LOUIS Marceau (2008-2009 – ULB)

MANGHI Alice (2014-2015 – ULB)

MARCQ Geoffrey (2009-2010 – ULg)


MOQUET Laura (2011-2012 – Stagiaire + Université de Strasbourg)

MOTARD A. (2004 – ULB)

MOUHAT Hajat (2020-2021 – ULB)

NATHAN C. (1997 – ULB)


NOLL Mélissa (2009-2010 – Université de Dijon)

PAJOT Amélie (2013-2014 – Université Paris XIII)

PERRET Audrey (2009-2010 – Université de Strasbourg/Dijon)

PETRE C.A. (2005 – ULB)

PIRAUX L. (2003 – ULB)

PRIEUR Jacques (2009-2010 – Université de Strasbourg)

RODRIGUES Joël (2014-2015 – ULB)

ROMERO Johanna (2014-2015 – Université Catholique de Louvain)

SCHMIDT Camille (2008-2009 – Université de Strasbourg)

SCHNELLER William (2011-2012 – Stagiaire Université de Lyon)

SCHOUTEET Tom (2008-2009 – VUB)

SOUTIF Emeline (2017-2018 – ULB)

TASSE O. (1997 – ULB)

TERRAMORSI Roxane (2006-2007)

TOURNEUR Florence (2011-2012 – Biologie ULB)

TOUSSAINT Elise (2011-2012 – Biologie ULB)

URBAIN Laure (2011-2012 – ULB)


VAN OFFELEN Julie (2017-2018 – ULB)

VERLAET Henri (2013-2014 – ULB)

VO NGOC Lam (2007-2008)

VRANCKEN Caroline (2014-2015 – ULB)

WALRAVENS Jonathan (2009-2010 – Département de Biologie des Organismes ULB)




BOULARBAH Oussama (09/03/2015 – 03/04/2015)

GALLIOLO Elena (06/06/2018 – 07/09/2018)

Gallezot Prune (ENS Lyon – ULB – 06/02 au 09/06/2023)

HARDY François (UCL – 04/04/2022 to 04/15/2022)

LE ROUX Lisa (Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris – 02/21/2022 to 06/10/2022)

PELSMAEKERS Elissa (2021 – ULB)

RUBIERA RODRIGUEZ Servane (ULB – 01/09/2022 au 30/11/2022)

SURET Léo (01/04/2019 – 31/05/2019)

THIEFFRY Sylvia (11/06/2018 – 31/07/2018)

VAN COMPERNOLLE Amaury (09/03/2015 – 03/04/2015)